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Elevate your property's curb appeal and durability with our comprehensive asphalt services, expertly covering everything from precision paving to seamless repairs, ensuring smooth surfaces that stand the test of time.

site work

Site work

Streamline your construction project with our site work services, offering expert excavation, grading, and utility installation, ensuring a solid foundation and seamless infrastructure for your development.

clearing trees


Prepare your land for a fresh start with our clearing services, expertly removing debris, vegetation, and obstacles, ensuring a clean slate for your construction or landscaping project.


Utilities (Water Sewer)

Ensure seamless living and development with our utilities services, expertly handling water and sewer installations, repairs, and maintenance to guarantee reliable access to essential resources for residential and commercial properties.

water sewerage

Storm drainage

Safeguard your property from water-related issues with our storm drainage services, offering expert solutions in design, installation, and maintenance, ensuring effective water management and protection against flooding and erosion.

erosion control

Erosion Control

Protect your landscape with our erosion control services, employing innovative techniques and sustainable solutions to prevent soil erosion, preserve natural habitats, and maintain the ecological balance of your property.



Redefine your space with our professional demolition services, expertly executed for residential and commercial projects, ensuring safe and efficient removal of structures while paving the way for your innovative designs.

pond 3


Transform your landscape with our pond services, offering expert design, excavation, and maintenance to create serene and sustainable water features that enhance the natural beauty of your property.

pond repair2

Pond repairs

Restore the tranquility of your outdoor oasis with our pond repairs services, providing skilled solutions for leaks, structural issues, and maintenance, ensuring your pond remains a peaceful and beautiful focal point of your landscape.



Elevate your projects with our comprehensive concrete services, delivering expert craftsmanship in pouring, shaping, and finishing to create durable, aesthetically pleasing structures for residential and commercial spaces.

seal coat

Seal coat

Preserve and protect your asphalt surfaces with our seal coat services, offering a durable, weather-resistant coating that enhances the appearance and longevity of driveways, parking lots, and pathways.

line striping

Line striping

Ensure organized and safe traffic flow with our professional line striping services, expertly executed to clearly define parking spaces, traffic lanes, and pedestrian walkways, enhancing the functionality and safety of your property.



Realize your dream oasis with our pool construction services, delivering expert design and construction, using top-quality materials and innovative techniques, to create a luxurious and inviting pool tailored to your vision.

Transforming Construction Dreams into Reality

From meticulous asphalt work and precise site development to the intricacies of water and sewer utilities, storm drainage solutions, and erosion control, we handle every aspect with utmost professionalism.

WHAT MAKES Becker Contractor Services CUT ABOVE?

At Becker Contractor Services, our family-owned legacy in Rankin County is built on a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. With expertise in asphalt, site work, concrete, and more, we’re dedicated to transforming your construction visions into enduring realities.


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